Capital Investment 

Taking advantage of opportunities

Our Capital experts work internally across energy sectors and externally with strategic partners to pro actively develop new business and investment opportunities for our clients.

We Have extensive experience In developing projects, arranging financing, investing equity, undertaking complex financial modelling and managing investments For optimal returns.

Our Strong And Growing Network Of Business People, Investors And Decision-Makers Across The Country's Energy Sector Places Us In A Unique Position In Offering Capital Investment Service To Our Clients .

END-To-End Capital Investment Services

Our extensive investment capabilities are a key competitive differentiator.These services Include:

    • Investment development – Working with the investment analyst team to develop projects and country/region-specific strategies as well as identify, assess and develop investment opportunities
    • Investment management – Developing value-enhancing portfolio management strategies, building relationships with external partners, assessing potential partners, and providing sustainable financing and contractual structures
    • Financial assessment – Providing long-term forecasts and state-of-the-art financial modelling services, developing optimal financing solutions for new and existing deals, and helping model and simulate calculations for credit facilities and the return on investment